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10 Loaded Wedding Hairstyles that Would Stay Intact throughout the day

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 Wedding hairstyle is what makes your entire bridal look, and so it must be outstanding. Though it may be a simple French bun or a ravishing half up half down hairstyle, you should feel that it compliments your wedding entire like no other.

If you have long hair, you can unleash breathtaking, fantasizing bridal hairstyles like sleek, glossy waves, asymmetric details, glazed curls and much more. Medium-length can be styled as charming down-dos and cute small updos. And, small wedding hairstyles are all about texture and exquisite hair accessories.

But, one thing that most brides worry about is their hairstyle. Every bride wants their hairdo to stay fresh long after dancing, laughing, photo shoot, till the end of the party.

To assist to-be-brides, we have tapped some of the best wedding hairstyles for brides that are sure to withstand the test of time no matter how long they stay on the dance floor.

Sideswept and Soft

When deciding a hairstyle, the venue plays an important role. The first thing to keep in mind is whether you’ll be indoor or outdoor. Most often, brides never give forethought to this factor, and only consider their wedding dress.

If it’s going to be an outdoor celebration, a side swept, and soft hairstyle will look great. Ask your professional makeup artist in Singapore to accentuate the look of your hairdo with some impactful accessories.

Wedding Updo with Flower Crown

Attain an ultra-feminine look with this stunning floral updo. The center attraction of this style is a dainty and flowery headband. The pleasant roses in the headband look pleasing when added to beautify your look. You need curly hair to achieve this perfect look on your big day, as long as you have this unique accessory with you.

Beautiful Braided Loose Hair

This simple yet sophisticated hairstyle will turn you into a marvelous girl of the day. To properly make this style, you need to use the right shampoo one day before your wedding.

Otherwise, it may be too heavy and weigh down your hair, which will work against lending you an awesome long lasting hairstyle. Like every other hairstyle, it should also go with your face shape, bridal makeup and dress choice for the grand celebration.

Grecian Goddess Updo

Do you want something really different from regular? Try this Greek-inspired bridal hairstyle for curly hair. We can describe this just right look in four words – effortless, feminine, and classy as well as understated. Adding a metallic headband will make you look even more mesmerizing on your wedding day.

Adorable Updo

This type of hairstyle requires a little foundation set-up work. Apply mousse all throughout the hair to achieve a perfect base for this look. Experts warn against exhausting your hair while doing pre-styling, especially when you are looking for a long-lasting effect. To achieve waves that stay wavy throughout the night, the experts suggest against blow during your hair, followed with hair spray and curling using styling iron.

The main focus should be on camera –ready surface sections, like around the hairline and the top section. For natural curls, you don’t need blow drying and then curling. For lovable hair, be mindful of the amount of manipulation you do with your strands.

Bumped Twist Half Updo

This showstopper hairstyle is what every modern girl wants on her big day. Improvised with balayage flecks, your curly hair will hang down the back and look stunning. The gorgeously poufed locks are moved to one side and twisted to increase the volume. This hairstyle will give hair a plethora of visual interest while captivating your guests. All your bridesmaids will shout FABULOUS!

Sweet Bohemian Bridal Hairstyle

Forest and countryside weddings make great celebrations, especially when it’s going to be a warm, small gathering. If your wedding celebration is going to take place in forest or countryside, opt for this stunning and totally organic Bohemian hairstyle that will greatly compliment your bridal look and wedding venue.

This hairstyle involves amazing cascading speckled wavy half updo, and the best part is that you don’t need very curly hair to pull off this look. All you need is to us ample amount of hair mousse and hairspray to make your strands look voluminous and bouncy.

Half Up

Do you love wearing hair down with a little more control and aesthetics? Then this simply yet gorgeous-looking half up will do the trick for you. This style will get all your hair out of your face, helping in highlighting your charming facial features. All the hair will be pulled back, giving you options, such a braid styles or soft French twists for tying them.

This hairstyle is sure to stay intact overnight and will not go anywhere even the next day. For better results, use the curling iron on a lower heat and wrap the hair around the iron and leave it for 2-3 minutes. It will create an amazing formation to keep the intended hair pattern.

Princess-Like Long Curly Hairstyle

Do you want to pull off a dreamy, pretty regal look on your wedding day? With this hairstyle, you would look no less than a princess bride of your charming groom. This style uses curls of elongated shape that will gracefully frame your forehead and other facial features. Your long curly strands will look great, naturally scattered over your shoulder and elegantly swept to one side. Add a metallic band for an exquisite compliment to your royal look.

Breathtaking Side Updo

This classiest and one of the most fashionable style is a decent way to look impactful on any occasion. It’s so easy that you can pull off this style easily at yourself. But if you want detailed perfection, consult your professional bridal makeup artist in Singapore if s/he can do it. You can also accessorize your hair for a more feminine look.

Add wonderful refined jewelry pieces for an envy-arising finish. Make sure you secure your hair with bobby pins to keep the curly strands locked in place.

Pick your ideal hairstyle according to your wedding theme, bridal dress and face shape. It’s good to ask your makeup artist to help you choose the best hairstyle that’ll compliment your entire look.







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