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7 Ways You Are Using Your Sunscreen All Wrong

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By now, you probably know that applying sunscreen is one of the most important steps in your daily makeup regime. It helps prevent aging signs and skin dullness. However, many of us squeeze it out, slather it rigorously on exposed skin and think we have shielded it from damage. Unfortunately, we all make some common and dangerous mistakes with sunscreens that we must avoid to protect our skin from sun damage.

After discussing with the best skincare experts and professional makeup artists in Singapore, we have accumulated a list of common mistakes we do with sunscreen application.

Common Mistakes with sunscreen

Not applying enough

If you are applying less amount of sunscreen, it doesn’t mean you will burn in the sun. But, it certainly means that you’ll not reap expected benefits listed on that SPF bottle. Sunscreen is like a drink required but the entire body.

You need to cover entire skin area, including facial skin, before leaving to go under the sun. Applying enough sunscreen is among the most important grooming rules for corporate women and men on sales jobs and athletes who have to stay in sun for longer. Investing in makeup products with a right amount of SPF also make a great alternative.

Buying Wrong SPF

SPF represents the amount of protection you achieve against UVB rays that cause skin burning. It doesn’t protect your skin again UVA rays that are responsible for aging. Also, no sunscreen offers 100% protection against sun rays.

Experts suggest buying a sunscreen that provides maximum protection against both types of sun rays – UVA and UVB.

Skimping on Reapplying

Applying sunscreen only once doesn’t work expectedly. You need to apply multiple times a day after you take a dip, excess sweating or need to touch up after every two hours.

Keep in mind; water resistant doesn’t mean waterproof. Even if your SPF packaging says it’s water resistant, you’ve to reapply it after every time you hit the water.

Skipping Certain Body Parts

Major body areas fall into this category are lips, eyes, eyelids, and feet. You would be surprised to know that hair sunscreen also exist.

Bear in mind, like your face and hands; hair is also one of the most exposed areas of your body. Hair sunscreens are usually available in spray form. Moreover, for easier application of sunscreen on lips, eyes, and ears, try sunscreen stick.

Using the same formula for body and face

There is a huge difference between a face sunscreen and a body sunscreen. Facial skin is more sensitive and acne-prone as compared to body skin. Therefore, you need a skin-specific product, separate from the body versions for your face.

Always reject dry touch-up sprays because they are full of alcohol, which is very drying and irritating for facial skin.

Storing sunscreen in medicine cabinet

Always store the sunscreen tube at a place that’s more accessible while making up before leaving your place. This way you will be more likely to reach for this crucial skincare essential daily, with almost zero chance of missing it.

Not Applying Underneath Clothes

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on every inch of your body, even if it’s covered with articles like sunglasses, brimmed hat, bikini, etc.

Lastly, your skin tone or shade doesn’t affect which kind of sunscreen you need. The best makeup servicing providers in Singapore suggest using the one with at least SPF 30 to any exposed body part.


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