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8 Summer-Proof Makeup Ideas To Look Beautiful All The Time

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Summer brings wonderful things, but melting foundation, smeared eyeliner and smudged lipsticks are not among them. Unfortunately, our body’s natural air-conditioning system puts a damper on our beauty as the heat level rises.
Luckily, here at Nailz & Bloomz Makeup Studio, we have asked the best makeup artists in Singapore to spill their best makeup tips for summer that makes you look flawless from day to night.

#1 Start With Cleansing

cleansing before makeup
Oil, dirt, and pollens sit on the skin’s surface due to humidity, resulting in blocked pores and skin break out. Applying heavy makeup to conceal ugly spots and blemishes not only feels annoying, but it also blocks the skin pores even more. So, your makeup routine should always start with a good cleansing.

#2 Keep it light

hydrating serums. Pick tinted moisturizer over foundation for sheerer coverage and less sweat off. Follow matte formulas because matte products have more staying power. Keep everything light, and then get a full-coverage concealer wherever you need.


#3 Use A Primer

is why you should start using a primer in summer. Take a pea-size dot of a lightweight and oil-free primer on your hand and apply it evenly on your face after moisturizer and before concealer and foundation.

#4 Put Down Dry Products

Powdery products sound summer stuff, but these are bad when it comes to your makeup. Powder formulas sit on the skin surface and easily melt off at the first sign of moisture. Rather use cream or gel based products that easily blend with your skin tone and make you look beautiful throughout the day.

#5 Wear Waterproof Eye Makeup

Waterproof mascara seems the obvious solution to melting eye makeup in stagnant heat of summer. But if you hate brittle and dry lashes that these waterproof formulas carry, go for layering your lashes with lash-conditioning primer, go-to mascara and the apply finish with a waterproof mascara.
Choose a waterproof pencil or gel-based liquid liner for eyeliner. Eye makeup is an exception to the no-powder rule; dust a translucent powder around lash line to seal the eyeliner.

#6 Switch to Silicone

Silicon creates a film between your skin and humidity, preventing foundation from dribbling down your cheeks and letting it sip into skin pores. Use lightweight silicon-based products to deal with summer.

#7 Ditch Thick Lipstick

Swap out heavy matte lipsticks for stains – the summer’s trending formula that offers long-lasting sheer coverage to your lips. You can add lip balm for added moisturizer without letting the color travel around. Try peach or sweet pink shades, or go bold with grapes and tangerine shades.

#8 Try Clay Mask Once A Week

Clay mask deeply cleanse the skin pores, removing impurities and preventing excessive oil production. Choose a clay mask depending on your skin type for the best results.
Follow these tips to stay worry-free about your makeup in summer and be a day-to-night beauty. You can reach our makeup services in Singapore for a free makeup consultation in Singapore.


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