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Airbrush vs. Traditional Makeup – Every Bride Should Know the Difference

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Airbrush is the buzz word in the modern day makeup industry, evoking curiosity among to-be-brides to know the difference between both, traditional and airbrush makeup methods. Well, we asked some bridal makeup artists in Singapore to sit together and guide our readers through this trending stuff in the industry. Keep reading to know the difference and which one should you pick.

Each makeup has its pluses and minuses.  The different makeup artist has their opinion on what they prefer on their brides, and ultimately, it all depends on individual’s preferences.

Picking the right method becomes easier if you know the basics. Both techniques differ slightly, but both leave brides with a glam celebrity-like look on their big days. So how does airbrush differs from regular techniques, you ask? Let’s unravel the dissimilarities between the two so that picking a makeup technique becomes a tad bit easier.

Airbrush Makeup

In airbrushing, the makeup artists use an airbrush gun, in combination with an air compressor. A special airbrush foundation is also used, that is typically either silicon or water based.

The foundation is much thinner that ordinary liquid-based foundation to make sure that it easily passes through the airbrush gun. Artist sprays a fine mist on your face, and this is why airbrush makeup is lighter than traditional sponge makeup.

If the artist applies it properly, an even and long-lasting foundation spreads across your skin to make you appear like a Greek goddess. It is so lightweight that you can confidently brag about your naturally polished look. The artist then works to highlight your eyes, lips and other best features.

The result of airbrush makeup depends on your artist.   A heavy handed artist can destroy your look by giving your face a painted look. There, it is important you choose well-reputed bridal makeup services in Singapore.

The additional benefit of airbrush makeup is that it doesn’t stain your clothing and stays longer than regular makeup. It’s waterproof and doesn’t fade away until you intentionally wipe it or wash out.

Traditional Makeup

It means applying the liquid, cream or powder foundation using tools like sponge, brushes or a duo fiber brush. This method has been in use since time immemorial by women who wants to love dressing up and applying makeup.

You can apply foundations used in this method even by using your fingers to blend in the foundation on the facial skin. The major point about traditional makeup is that it comes so cheaper than airbrushing. You don’t even need to go to a makeup artist if you are an expert in self-makeup.

Though since bridal makeup is such a big deal, it’s recommended to look for a good bridal makeup artist in Singapore. It is because regular makeup may look over-the-top if not applied properly. The use of thicker foundation can result in the makeup base that would crack or cake up with time.

Unlike airbrush technique, this conventional makeup is not waterproof and can wash away with sweat or cloth rubbing. You need frequent touch-ups to maintain the look. However, if you are lucky enough to find a good artist, even the traditional makeup looks radiant and beautiful.

In a nutshell…

Both makeup types have their own pros and cons. You have to consider personal factors while choosing airbrush or old brush-and-sponge makeup technique.

Choose the best colors according to your skin tone, and avoid over-makeup. The more natural you look, the more beautiful will you look.


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