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How To Find a Professional Bridal Make Up Artist?

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Once you have selected your wedding dress, the next item on your wedding to-do list is choosing bridal makeup artist. You want to feel unique and naturally radiant on your big day. Your makeup, hairstyle, dress and everything should make you look like a superstar during at the party. All your memories in the form of photographs will be cherished forever. So make sure you choose a professional makeup artist who leaves no stone unturned. S/he must be able to lend you a gorgeous look and make you feel on the top of the world throughout the day.

We’ve put together a few tips that will help you pick a professional makeup artist and look flawless on your big day.

Tips for Choosing a Makeup Artist


Must Ask For A Makeup Trial

Don’t forget to book a bridal trial to see if the artist’s style suits you or not. A good beauty professional will always agree to a trial appointment before your wedding makeup. The trial should take place around 5-6 weeks before because in case the stylist doesn’t suit, you can walk away to a different artist.

The professional should try different looks to find the one that gets just right for you as per your preferences and skin as well as hair type.


They must be experienced

After the expertise, the important thing to check is their experience. You will find lots of artists with an online portfolio to have a glimpse of their work. But don’t dismiss someone because they are not too experienced.

It’s important to base your decision on talent, the level of work and artist’s professionalism. A professional makeup artist always keeps their skills up to date and hands on the latest makeup trends.


Examine Makeup Technique

A professional makeup artist comes with armed skills that ensure you an intact and fresh looking makeup throughout the day. S/he transforms your face using his/her art into a beautiful masterpiece. They are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to use the right shades and methods like, manual or airbrush makeup technique, according to your skin and hair type.


Get Organized

It’s sensible to give yourself enough time to start your search for a great artist for your bridal make up.  If you want to book during holidays, festivals or popular wedding dates, get in touch with the preferred service provider at least 4-5 months in advanced. Many reputed artists also help you choose the best bridal gown according to your body and skin type.


Read testimonials

Visit makeup artists’ websites, social media sites and other industry sites to know about the best bridal make up artists that everyone is talking about. You will find plenty of helpful testimonials from happy bridals raving about artists’ outstanding service that is always a positive sign for you.


Seek Recommendations

Recommendations from experienced brides are always helpful in finding a quality service. You can ask your family, friends or colleagues who’ve already used a makeup artist. Hopefully, it’s a good starting point to find out an appropriate bridal makeup artist.


See If They Work On Location

Most of the brides prefer to have professionals come to their venue. It is because getting ready for their wedding day at their own place gives a feeling of comfort and less nervousness. So make sure your artist is ready to visit your location to prepare you if required.

Professional makeup artists always have a wealth of knowledge of color theory/analysis, camouflage, and technique of concealing flaws in your skin. Applying bridal makeup that looks not only flawless in person, but also in pictures and memories, is hard. It is where a good artist comes in handy; they help to elevate your stress, leaving you with an effortlessly radiant look during the celebration of your big day.


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