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Makeup That Complements Every Yellow Dress – Important Tips

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Do you know that playing with makeup colors can be tricky when wearing a yellow dress? If you have got a yellow color dress for an upcoming party, and thinking of the makeup ideas that’ll perfectly go with your outfit, you are at the right place.
In this article, we have assembled some tips from the celebrity makeup artists in Singapore to guide you on what makeup should you wear with a yellow dress.

Makeup Ideas for Yellow Dressing

FACE Makeup

Make sure you keep your base makeup natural and muted. If you apply a base makeup shade that’ll outshine the color of your dress, it will cause a sparkly and unpleasant disaster to your personality.
Yellow is a warm color, and light, breezy look ideally goes with this shade. To achieve a natural-looking, flawless look, start with concealer. Dab it on your face and blend using fingers to conceal blemishes and acnes. Next, for the foundation, opt for a product that easily gets absorbed by the skin without leaving behind the noticeable mark.
If you are unable to find the right shade of foundation according to your skin tone, then blend a lighter and a darker foundation to get the desired shade. Use a makeup sponge to apply it on your face evenly. You can replace foundation with a tinted moisturizer as well.


Once you get a humble base, cheeks should sound warm with a healthy glow. Cream based cheek tints make good option here. You can also use powder bronzers for great results. How you apply bronzer or blush depends on the structure of your face or your highlighting desire.
To create a rosy glow with a look of a natural flush, apply the tint on the apple of your cheeks. To highlight your cheekbones, apply it just under the cheek and blend towards the temple using a brush. Opt for blush colors like warm pink, orange, coral and peach for the yellow dress.

EYE Makeup

For kohl-rimmed eyes, cover your eyelids with a creamy and metallic shade of light brown or neutral color. Draw a thin, dark line around lashes and retrace the line with a kohl pencil to achieve sizzling eyes.
For smokey eyes, cover eyelids with a cream color and smudge with a brown shade on the inner side with a touch of charcoal gray on the lash line. Take an angled brush to create V-shape wings and finish it with a black liner. Add champagne glitter in the middle of the upper lid to enhance your look. Learn eye shadow tricks from the expert makeup artists in Singapore.

LIPS Makeup

If you opt for smokey eyes, keep your lips look natural with pink or orange lip butter. You can also apply nude pink or rose lip color. A yellow dress and bright red makeup make a must-avoid combo. If you do a light natural makeup on your cheeks and eyes, you can use bold red lip shade. Make sure your eyes don’t wear a cat look or dark shadows to avoid distractions.
Fill the edges of your lips with pink or peach color. Use warm shades like brownish red to cover your lips. Blot with a tissue paper and voila!
Do you have any other makeup tips to follow with yellow dress? If yes, don’t hesitate to share with fellow readers.


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