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Top 10 Grooming Rules for Corporate Women

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Best Makeup Rules for Professional Women

Undoubtedly, talent is the core element to successfully climb the corporate ladders. But whether on board or the sales floor, women face is huge in today’s appreciation-driven world. So, if you do relate to this and struggle an elegant corporate look with makeup, you’re at the right place.

Luckily, decade’s worth of professional makeup artisans has culminated in many constructive makeup tricks that won’t break the bank or force you to restock your cosmetic storage.
So, get ready to embrace your 9 to 5 job with cheers, and scroll down for 10 fuss-free work-makeup hacks to keep your face tidy all day long.

Tone Your Skin Before Makeup

The best way to stave off makeup smudging or melting is to balance your complexion. Choose a toner according to your skin type and use it before adding anything on your facial skin. Use tissues to whisk away undue moisture.

Sneak in More SPF

Wait! We don’t mean lather up your skin with sunscreens featuring high SPF content. Instead, use cosmetic products that brag a right amount of SPF. Start with a primer that features an SPF of 30 for a sun-protective base to get-at-able a flawless makeup application.

Follow Water-Proof Mantra

With lots of errands on the way and no time to think about your looks, it’s viable to turn into a raccoon by the lunchtime. If you’re insanely committed to your look, even throughout the summer days, pick waterproof cosmetics. The rule especially applies to eyeliner and mascara that’s likely to smudge easily by rubbing or sweltering.

Embrace Shade Deeper

Even if your epidermis is not tanning type, the skin shade goes deeper climatically. So, be sure to adjust your makeup shade against the weather conditions. Add the shade deeper to your moisture to achieve a perfect skin shade.

Pick Silicon Makeup

There is an extensive list of sites and makeup experts who talk about adverse effects of silicon on the skin. However, a few experts’ recommended silicon-based products increase the staying power of foundations for longer.

Go Bright

You might have forsaken colors for a nude palette, but daytime calls for many playful pops of vivid hues. Whatever your skin tone is, bright colors always make you look glowing and appealing to others. So you have fun experimenting with countless cool shades. Choose the colors with lasting high-pigment coverage, and that doesn’t fade out easily.

Use Lighter Formulas

Heavy cosmetic formulas can sit on your face, clog skin pores and eventually melt or even drip down your face as the temperature rises. So, switch to lightweight products with hydrating formulas for a fresh even look.

Moisten Power Eyeshadow

Mix your powder Eyeshadow with a moist shadow brush for water-repellent eye makeup effect.

Frequent Touch-Up

To keep your makeup in place and fresh throughout the day, always tote a touch-up powder and rosewater. Follow a gentle rosewater spray with a dab of the powder to instantly reset your look.

Never Skip Face Washing at Night

Removing your makeup and washing your face every day before bedtime is non-negotiable. It is because, during the day time, pollens, sweat, and oil are at a maximum and can call skin breakout. Night time face cleansing nips the maximum potential for this red flag by keeping things squeaky clean.
Do you know any useful makeup idea that you think is useful for the readers? Share with us in the comment section.


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