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Professional Makeup


 This is Your Big Day! Your First Step in Reaching Your Goal!

Bring out the best in you in the corporate world by wearing the right outfit, and putting on the right makeup. Your professional image should not be undervalued, particularly if you have plans on advancing in your career and reaching your goals. A challenge most women in the corporate world in Singapore encounters these days aside from choosing the right outfit and hairstyle is their makeup that will not overshadow their look and let their talent and skills stand out. Rule of the thumb in the corporate world, “less is more” in terms of makeup.

But, having no makeup is as bad as putting on too much makeup, as this reflects your customers, investors, clients, and colleagues that you care less about yourself to take care of your image. A woman’s professional look needs to support all her accomplishments, which is why looking confident and competent is very vital. You need to look good not just during a job interview but each time you go to work. You can ask advice from one of our professional makeup artists.


Corporate, Personal and Professional Makeup Services

Staying fresh and professional at the same time in spite of your professional and busy business schedule is the common concern of many working women in Singapore. Considering the weather in the place is not friendly. You want to put on a makeup that will make you feel confident at all time.


Professional Makeup Consultation

Worry no more, ladies!

There is no need for you to undergo training at the mall and workshops to perfect the art of everyday makeup that looks professional and beautiful all day long. Our professional makeup artists can give you some tips and ideas for achieving a simple yet sophisticated makeup that you can wear at work.


Corporate Professional Airbrush Makeup

This type of makeup is sprayed on the skin with the use of an airbrush instead of using sponges, fingers, brushes or others in applying. The airbrush makeup can provide an even, smooth, natural appearance to the skin. It can be applied faster. You can ask for a demo from one of our expert makeup artists, so you can master the use of the professional airbrush makeup.

Basic Rule in Choosing the Perfect Makeup in a Corporate Setting

Our professional makeup artists list down some basic rules in choosing the best makeup for your daily use at the office:

  • Choose the set of makeup that will last all day long, so you don’t have to do some retouching every now and then.
  • Pick something that is easy to maintain and you can complete without rushing.
  • Choose the one that will enhance your natural beauty and not modify your features.
  • Choose light color makeup
  • Select makeup that will make you feel confident, beautiful and comfortable.


If you need professional makeup in Singapore, you can count on us. We will make your everyday life worry free by helping you with your makeup to achieve the corporate look that you want. For consultation and advice, you can visit our studio. Our team of professional makeup artists is happy to serve you.

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